Bilingual kindergarten

 Imagine an Agorà - A virtual learning project

Imagine an Agorà is our school proposal for families and children during this distance learning period.


Our imaginary agorà is that place where we meet our friends but most important, is that place where our team, children and parents meet together and share what they are doing these days.


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The project of the Jacarandà kindergarten and nursery school stems from the desire to offer children, aged between 6 months and 6 years, a new gathering space for research and discovery which focuses on the children’s joy for learning and creativity in a bilingual educational context. The objective is to offer a participatory educational experience, oriented to the daily relationship between children, teachers and parents in the most welcoming setting for this age group. 

The premises are located in a former garage dating back to the ‘50s, completely renovated and transformed into a large structure dedicated to childhood (2100 square meters indoors and 600 square meters outdoors); we are partnered with Reggio Children, following, therefore, the pedagogical principles of the Reggio Approach, considered a standard of excellence worldwide for the promotion and global dissemination of quality education.


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