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The Premises


The Jacarandà kindergarten and nursery school was conceived out of the desire to have a dedicated learning space for babies and young children, able to stimulate their curiosity and interpersonal relationships, but especially to promote the idea of community.

The architectural space, designed by Labics studio, was not conceived as a mere container of activities, but as an interactive and articulated place, characterized by the coexistence of public, semi-public and private spaces, similar in this to the structure of a city. Jacarandà is a place where children, teachers, parents meet, know each other, live. Therefore, the architectural project reflects the educational and organizational purposes of the structure, focusing on the values of sharing and participation.

The symbolic heart of the project is the Agorà; conceived as a double-height space, the Agorà is a welcoming area, a meeting space for socialization and a collective place.


In fact, from the Agorà it is possible to catch a glimpse of all the other spaces of the project: the sections, the ateliers and the teaching environments overlook it through large glass surfaces penetrated by light and human eyes. All the sections that welcome different age groups have large open spaces where children can play both indoors and outdoors in contact with nature.

The beginning of Jacarandà...

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