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Educational staff: qualified professionals who deal with the relationship and the daily construction of the educational project with children and families. The teacher is a professional who constantly receives field training to keep their skills up to date and who is motivated by their professionalism, they do not transmit a pre-established knowledge to children, but they build it together with them.


English-speaking or bilingual native teachers: present in each section of the kindergarten and nursery school work with a bilingual approach. Multilingual education stands as the backbone of integration and coexistence in a social

multi-cultural reality.


Coordinator: Takes care of the relationships of the working group, the relationships with the families, the training of personnel and shares the educational planning of the kindergarten and nursery school with the pedagogical supervision of Reggio Children. The pedagogical coordinator plans the activities of the educational group and all the personnel involved, verifying their quality and dealing with all the subjects involved. It also guarantees maximum transparency in the management of services, helping to plan (in close relationship with the educational team) the forms of family participation in the educational choices of the kindergarten and nursery shool.


Atelier expert: Takes care of the design of the workshop, guarantees her presence at the kindergarten and nursery school, supporting the teachers in the development and implementation of the curriculum, directly inhabiting the atelier, the mini-workshops and the common areas of the school. The atelier expert has an artistic education: the encounter between her skills and pedagogy contributes to building an educational experience based on a creative - versatile - divergent approach to knowledge. The atelier expert also promotes the quality of internal and external educational environments through a dialogue with transparencies, lights, colours and materials.

They propose themes and workshops dedicated to children and adults (teachers and parents) on creative processes and in relation to different languages (color, graphics, digital, light, food).


Secretariat: It deals with communications with families and registrations, organizational and administrative aspects, ensuring the proper functioning of the service and of the entire structure.


Kitchen staff: It deals with the care, preparation and distribution of lunch and snacks and supports the educational staff in the organization of the service.

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